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Polished Concrete Floors Sydney

As the demands for polished concrete floors continues to rise, the industry is bound to have many more players in it, making it difficult to find the right fit. We have been offering high-quality concrete polishing services for as long as we can remember.

Concrete floor refinement is a sensitive business, and we prefer to see it as such. We deploy high end densifiers, as well as impregnating sealers in getting the job done. Our clients have been able to enjoy quality delivery because we stick with the industry standards and best practices when discharging our responsibilities.

We treat your concrete floor with the right amount of densifier that would react with the existing concrete to create a harder and stronger surface, which will in turn resist the slightest form of abrasion. We certainly believe that with the right concrete polishing technique in Sydney, your floor surface can be made to look glossy.

Do you seek a high-quality, affordable concrete floor polishing services? If that is you, then look no further. You can get across to us and find out all that you need to know. We will be glad to help you. Our impeccable professionalism and reliable customer service are some of the reasons you need to choose us over the others.

We have got industrial vacuum cleaners to collect all dust for concrete grinding and polishing.

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Regular Question about Concrete Polishing:

Advantage of Polished Concrete:

It is last a long time.
Polished Concrete floor is Thermal mass, it is absorb and store heat energy. During winter will absorb heat from sun or heater and release during night time. Lightweight materials such as timber have low thermal mass.
Polished Concrete will not get mouldy in wet or moist environment such as ground floor, compare to wooded flooring or carpet and finally easy to clean.
Very hygienic and dust free for allergy sufferers. it is ideal for commercial area.

Disadvantage of Polished Concrete:

Polished Concrete floor is Thermal mass, if your room won't get enough sun light will remain cold especially in winter time. Underfloor heating can help you to worm up the area.
Concrete Polished like any hard flooring can transfer Sound to lower level.

How Long Is Needed Before New Concrete Can Be Polished?

You don’t just start to polish any new concrete floor. There are specific time lapses that need to be observed before you go into such activities. According to industry specifications, you are supposed to wait for at least 28 days before you start polishing your new concrete. Failure to observe this specification may end up causing the concrete more harm than good. Fortunately, our professionals always do everything in line with best practices.

How Much Does Concrete Polishing Cost?

Polished Concrete floors normally costs between $60 and $130 per square meter. ( 50mm-100mm away from walls, doors and cornners )
Polished Concrete floors along wall, edges and conrers can be done with small hand heald grinders. cost between $30 up to $70 per liner meters. Other factors such as location and project complexity will also affect the pricing. If we are handling your polished concrete needs, price should be the last thing that should bother you.

Is your Concrete polishing Dust Free?

Concrete grinding and polishing produce a lot of health hazardous dust.
with our commercial vacuum cleaner we extract majority of dust.

What kind of concerte polishing you provide?

A. Mechanically Polished Concrete Floor
B. Concrete grind and Seal
C. Cement topping Coats and polished

How do we polished concrete Floor?

In general, there are three to choose, less or No aggregate, semi exposed aggregate or salt & pepper and finally full exposed aggregate polished concrete Floor.
We have to grind and honed concrete floor then smooth and Fill holes, Divots and Cracks. There are two ways to enhance shine and beauty of your floor. We can seal your concrete floor or use different kind of resin to shine the concrete Floor.

Mechanically polished concrete floor VS Concrete Grind and Seal:

In mechanically polished concrete you can feel the concrete but grind and seal has been cover by a layer of sealer.
Age of mechanically polished can be longer than concrete grind and seal and depend up on what kind of sealer has been used.
Mechanically polished concrete will take up double time comper with grind and seal therefore price is much higher.
Mechanically polished concrete stain protected up to max two hours ( age will effected and reduce protection) but grind and seal can be last a long time depend up on sealer.
Mechanically polished concrete and concrete grind and seal can be rejuvenate.
In Mechanically polished Concrete we could be able to extend and repair parts of area but in concrete grind and seal is not possible and full area has to grind and re-seal.

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