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Concrete & Marble and all Natural Stone Polishing & Grinding in Sydney


Concrete Polishing Grinding in Sydney

Concrete grinding & polishing

Polished Conceret one of the hardest floor in Commercial & Residential.
There are 3 ways to enhace shine and beauty of your floor.

  1. Polished Concrete
  2. Concrete grind and Seal
  3. Honed Concrete

Adavntage of Concerte Polished :
It is last a long time.
Concrete floor is Thermal mass, it is absorb and store heat energy. During winter will absurb heat from sun or heater and relase during night time. Lightweight materials such as timber have low thermal mass.
It will not get moldy in wet or moist environment such as ground floor, compare to wooded flooring or carpet and finaly easy to clean.
Very hygienic and dust free for allergy sufferers.
it is ideal for commercial area.

Disadvantage of Concerte Polished:

Concrete floor is Thermal mass, if your room won't get enough sun light will remain cold specially in winter time.
transfer Sound to lower level.

EPOXY Flooring is another hard flooring can be use in many area and unlimited colours. This kind of flooring is combination of 2 parts chemicals.

An applications vary such as industrial, commercial, retail and residential.


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